About Historia Albanica

I am a native of Albany, N.Y.  I am not an historian or a scholar of history, just a fan of my hometown who finds it an endlessly fascinating place.  This is mostly a place to park my little research projects which, I’ve found, can disappear from a place like Facebook.  I will be posting what I call ‘tidbits’ of history from sources that are mostly ready at hand, but just require someone like me to go down the rabbit hole.  My interests are eclectic, so I hope that will add to the interest of this blog.

Pardon the pretentious title.  I just felt inspired by the historians of the ancient world and their great collections of information about strange and exotic places – kind of like Albany.

And please.  While I may write about some other things now and then, there will probably be nothing about the country of Albania.  So no complaints.

6 thoughts on “About Historia Albanica

  1. I’m so glad I ran across your fascinating blog. All of my grandparents immigrated to Albany (from Italy) early in the last century. My parents grew up there during the Depression and we were raised across the river in East Greenbush and Rensselaer. I have since moved away, but often find myself homesick for Albany and especially its long history.


    1. Thank you so much for the comment. I hope you enjoy. Please check out my links to see some other interesting blogs, photos, etc. I’m in Kentucky now myself, and know what you mean about being homesick.


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